Perfect Pants

If there’s anything I know how to do, it’s taking the rules and twisting them in my favor. Sophomore year, first semester, we were given a list of appropriate things to wear for our field observations. The first day I wore a pencil skirt and heels.. WORST. DECISION. EVER. I soon realized that hellooooo, I can literally wear whatever I want as long as it’s a.) done tastefully and b.) not jeans. Therefore, I live for different types of pants. Corduroys, skinny trousers, skinny khakis, chinos — they’re all better than dress pants and they’re definitely better than pencil skirts. I have a pair of grey cords from J.Crew that I got on sale for some ridiculously cheap price and they are my FAVORITE. Fitted sweaters or blouses topped with a blazer are the perfect pairing when it comes to these modern dress pants.

Click the image to link to the site! (If you  control click then it will open in a new tab – FYI)

ImageImageImageImageScreen shot 2013-09-24 at 8.54.16 AMScreen shot 2013-09-24 at 8.57.16 AM

J.Crew Bootcut Cord in Pinot Noir – $89.50

J.Crew Waverly Chino in Byzantine Blue – $79.50

Gap Sexy Boyfriend Cords in Cinder Grey – $59.95

Gap 1969 Real Straight Cords in Navy – $59.95

Gap Skinny Mini Skimmer Khaki  in Khaki – $49.95

Old Navy The Diva Skinny Pant in Black Jack – $32.50


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