Ball Chairs

Today in class we took some time to discuss our placements for observations. There are multiple different placements within my class – preschool and kindergarten, private and public. One of my classmates talked about how in their placement classroom the teacher bought ball chairs for one of the tables that are used for a center activity. I had heard of seating like this for children with disabilities to help them stay seated for a longer period of time than they would in a regular desk chair. When I got home from class I looked up these ball chairs and they’re super cool and surprisingly cheap! There are tons on Amazon (that ship for free with prime!) that you can choose from – different colors, sizes, etc. Here’s a summary (and link) of the Abilitations Integration Six-Leg Ball chair:


“The ball chair helps strengthen core muscles and encourage active seating. It can be used for therapy, with children who have sensory needs, attention deficit, or processing challenges, and with children in special needs learning environments.”

The classroom that was described to have these chairs did not have any special needs students, so it definitely suits children of all different levels. Concentration levels will increase because if the child is moving around or fidgeting on the ball, they will most likely fall off. Therefore, children are more likely to sit still and complete the activity or task that they have been given. It’s also another way to make the classroom FUN.

Amazon has the orange one by Abilitations (link above) priced at $36.07, while a smaller version is priced at $24.44.

This is definitely an idea I’m going to keep in the back of my head for my future classroom! How about you? Do you have these unconventional chairs in your classroom? How has it benefited your students?


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