Isabel Marant for H&M: I’m Pissed



I LOVE THIS. I NEED THIS. I will never ever ever ever ever have this. Want to know how it feels to think you might be able to afford at least one piece from a designer collaboration and then to find out that you most definitely can not? IT SUCKS. Click on the pic to scope out the entire collection which goes on sale in November. Congratulations to those who can afford it. I forever envy you. If you’re feeling generous, I’d settle for just the jacket or just the pants. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Isabel Marant for H&M: I’m Pissed

  1. I likewise love this collection/hate how expensive the H&M collabs get. I like the designers that they introduce much much more than the ones Target gets, but alas, the college wallet can’t do me any justice on the fashion front. I need to find a sisterhood of traveling pants to split the cost of those oxblood leather trousers with me!

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