Unit Plans: Fall

Once again this semester we are required to do a unit plan. Last semester my group used butterflies for our theme. It ended up being super cute and filled with ideas that I’m eager to use in my future classroom. This semester my group is doing Fall. I’ve been looking up ideas for the lesson plan that I have to contribute to my unit. I’ll be doing it on Thanksgiving, traditions, and what it means to be thankful. I’ve found the cutest crafts on pinterest for students to do!! I know most of you have seen the turkey, but this one is different from the standard handprint or 1D construction paper turkey. The wreath is something new that I’m sure plenty of parents would love to hang up around the holiday. A wreath would also be a great idea as a class project to hang on the classroom door. Click on the image to link to the pin!



2 thoughts on “Unit Plans: Fall

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