I’m From The Wrong Decade: High-Waisted Everything

I love high-waisted anything. Seriously – shorts, pants, skirts. I love it all. Probably because I love to wear everything in my moms closet aka I constantly look like I’m straight out of the 70s, 80s, or 90s. Although I feel like some people struggle with this trend (ie. wrong size, silhouette), I am a firm believer that if you’re confident in what you’re wearing then no one will think twice about what you’re wearing or why you’re wearing it.

ANYWAY, back to the high-waists. I ordered these “Hi-Rise Cord Jeggings” from American Eagle the other night because they’re everything I want all wrapped in one (and obviously they were on sale!!). I ordered my regular size but I have a feeling I might have to return them for a size up. I know I’m only 21 but I’m slowly moving away from “juniors” sizing. It’s all just getting smaller and smaller by the day. I’m starting to forget what a Medium is. Tragic.

Either way, these pants look ideal for me. I’m so over my bottom hanging out and high-waisted pants provide the coverage and the shape that a young woman needs. I love that you have the freedom to wear either a crop top or a tunic when it comes to high-waisted bottoms. The options are endless. Just make sure the rise isn’t TOO high. It has to be just right (aka the waist of the pants should close around your natural waist). 

What do you think of the high-waist trend? 



AE Hi-Rise Cord Jegging in Green Forest – $49.95 (Click on the image to link to the site!)


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