Registration aka I Hate Everything

Can someone please explain to me why registering for classes is consistently the worst part of the semester, every single semester? Let’s just keep in mind that I’m a senior. I’m not student teaching until Fall 2014, so I had to register for actual classes for next semester. I am apparently missing prerequisites for two of the classes that my advisors had told me to take. NOW, the one class is closed and I just have to cross my fingers that the professor will override me into the class. OTHERWISE MY PLAN FOR WORLD DOMINATION WILL NOT SUCCEED. Well, really it’s just my plan to finish a reading endorsement so that when I’m doing with student teaching I have it complete rather than coming back to school after I’m donezo. UGH. Why is registration always an issue? Why am I awake right now? MONDAY IS MY DAY OFF.

I’m tired and cranky and apologize for this rant.

Did any other college students have trouble registering for their classes? Let’s chat.


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