Staying Healthy

I got the worst stomach virus this weekend. Absolutely awful. It’s a little over 24 hours later and I’m still feeling under the weather. At first I wasn’t sure if it was food poisoning or a virus, but once I began running a fever and feeling extremely achy, I knew I had caught a stomach bug from the babies at work. Working in a day care is a prime location for catching something. Same goes for all you teachers! I thought I’d take some time to remind everyone to take precautions this time of year to avoid getting sick.. especially around the holiday’s!

  • stay hydrated! drink plenty of water
  • if you’re already sick, drink juice and/or gatorade
  • constantly wash your hands
  • keep hand sanitizer in your bag, car, at your desk, etc.
  • get plenty of SLEEP
  • call out of work/skip class if you’re having any symptoms or running a fever



Stay healthy!!


Story Stones – Pinterest Find

Obviously instead of doing homework (for tomorrow’s classes – weird), I’m scrolling around pinterest. I just came across this pin about story stones and I LOVE IT. Basically what I’m getting from the picture alone, you put a bunch of painted stones in a baggy that are similar to one another so that a student can take them out, order them, and make up a story to go along with the stones. Not only is this such a fantastic way for students to show their creativity, it’s also a great way for teachers to informally assess a student’s ability to link thoughts together and check for vocabulary/sentence development. Also, it’s such an easy DIY! I painted rocks multiple times over the summer while babysitting different kids. If you can’t find flat rocks outside, you can buy stones at a craft store for relatively cheap. Plus, AC Moore always has paints on sale or a 50% an item coupon that you can print online. I will DEFINITELY keep this in mind during student teaching next fall, and even for my reading endorsement courses next semester. I’m sure I’ll be able to incorporate it somehow very soon!


Amped Up

I’ve already posted once before wearing this Billabong jacket, but I seriously just can’t get enough of it. It’s PERFECT. Today I’m wearing it to amp up a super dressed down look. Thursdays for me are like Friday for most people. I just can’t always bring myself to care. So when getting dressed for classes today I threw on black leggings, a mint colored long sleeve shirt, and an oversized Billabong zip-up cardigan/hoodie. I then had the brilliant idea to wear this beautiful jacket over it to make it look like I actually put thought into getting myself together. The result was what I think is fabulous for a laid back day of classes. I’m plenty warm with all my layers and I look pretty cool too (sorry – cocky – weird).

Hope everyone has a great day!



Jacket/Hoodie – Billabong; Leggings/Mint Colored Shirt – Gap; Scarf – Old Navy; Sunnies – F21; Boots – Anne Klein


Thanks for Thanksgiving

I found this book Thanks for Thanksgiving when I was creating a thanksgiving-themed lesson plan for a class assignment. I ended up buying it so that my partners and I could use it in our autism classroom for a lesson as well. It’s perfect for any student – typical or special ed, from prek-3. The illustrations are fantastic – so colorful and lively. The text is simple and easy to understand, but also points out a variety of things that you could be thankful for, besides your family. Overall, I love this book and I seriously recommend it to any early childhood or elementary teacher!



Here is a link to a thankful book that can be used to make (obviously) a personal book for each student to take home, as well as other group activities. The images can be used to make a chart or to do a brainstorm of things the students are thankful for prior to doing a writing activity or a craft such as a thankful turkey or wreath.

Happy reading!!

Casual Friday

I unfortunately have classes on Friday’s, but today I only had one class and I left early so it was a great start to my day. I got a car wash and sushi for lunch, did some holiday shopping at Forever Young, cleaned my room, and got some work done. After work, I’m off to grandma’s for the weekend to relax and hang. My mom is coming by too!! Hope you all have a good one!


Sweater – Vintage (stolen from mom’s closet); Leggings – Charlotte Russe; Boots – Anne Klein; Sunnies – F21



I live right off campus with 4 other girls in (luckily) a really big house that we love. My room is the smallest of the rooms and I remember last year prior to moving in, I had such a breakdown over how I would even make it work. My mom obviously came to the rescue, helping me find furniture with extra storage space and making it the coziest room. I’m bias – but I like my room the absolute best. It’s such a reflection of my personality and the size makes it so homey. Here are just some little details that I currently love about my room.


My essentials when leaving the house – vintage coach, iPhone, sunnies, car/house keys


The hutch on my desk – monthly calendar, incense, DIYs, trinkets, makeup, jewelry


coke zero bottle that I brought back from Israel – used as a jewelry stand


mason jars and (fake) bright flowers


flannel sheets, a colorful duvet, and mismatched socks (always)


nylon mag inspiration


the headband I made last Halloween on top of my mirror.. and my boyfriend, Greg