Falling for Fall

Today is such a beautiful fall day. It’s a little bit chillier than I would like, but I seriously can’t complain. I went to class a little late today because I just can’t stand doing little to nothing in class, never mind on a Friday. So I had some time to blow out my hair and actually get dressed (unlike most Friday’s where leggings and a sweater are the way I usually go). I wore these cargo pants that I posted about a month back from Urban Outfitters. When I got them in the mail they were a little bit, but I didn’t mind because they’re supposed to have a baggy look. I’ve successfully shed a few pounds that I gained last year (NEVER let a boy convince you that you don’t need to work out!!) so now they’re even bigger. Luckily, there are straps that you can pull tighter on each side so it worked out.

Pretty soon I’m off to work and then to Shabbat dinner. Enjoy your Friday!!


Pants & Jacket – Urban; Sweater – American Eagle; Boots – Anne Klein 



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