DIY Dream Catcher

Yesterday in class we played jeopardy in lieu of having a midterm. My team was (not so cleverly) named team feather because our pointer was a giant multicolored feather duster. Every time we raised it to answer a bunch of feathers fell off. My professor said I could take all the feathers home (since I’m always looking for craft supplies). Therefore, today I made my very own dream catcher!! I’m so excited about how it turned out. It looks professional (don’t ya think?)


Due to the instagram filter and the lighting in my room the yellow string I used looks much more pale than it is in real life. Nevertheless, you get the idea.

I actually used rolled up tin foil as my circle since I wasn’t smart enough to think of using a bangle and too lazy to go out and buy a metal ring. I wrapped it in suede string, then used regular friendship bracelet string to make the intricate center. I used a mix of silver and colored beads and hot pink feathers for decoration.

**Here’s a tip: to get the feathers and beads to stay (and to keep knots tied!) I use Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat nail polish rather than glue. Works like a charm!

I’m totally considering make a bunch and selling them on Etsy or making a deal with a boutique at school. It was so fun to make!

PS – my team won jeopardy and we got super fun teacher prizes! I got a shapes bulletin board set!!

Happy weekend!


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