I live right off campus with 4 other girls in (luckily) a really big house that we love. My room is the smallest of the rooms and I remember last year prior to moving in, I had such a breakdown over how I would even make it work. My mom obviously came to the rescue, helping me find furniture with extra storage space and making it the coziest room. I’m bias – but I like my room the absolute best. It’s such a reflection of my personality and the size makes it so homey. Here are just some little details that I currently love about my room.


My essentials when leaving the house – vintage coach, iPhone, sunnies, car/house keys


The hutch on my desk – monthly calendar, incense, DIYs, trinkets, makeup, jewelry


coke zero bottle that I brought back from Israel – used as a jewelry stand


mason jars and (fake) bright flowers


flannel sheets, a colorful duvet, and mismatched socks (always)


nylon mag inspiration


the headband I made last Halloween on top of my mirror.. and my boyfriend, Greg 



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