Amped Up

I’ve already posted once before wearing this Billabong jacket, but I seriously just can’t get enough of it. It’s PERFECT. Today I’m wearing it to amp up a super dressed down look. Thursdays for me are like Friday for most people. I just can’t always bring myself to care. So when getting dressed for classes today I threw on black leggings, a mint colored long sleeve shirt, and an oversized Billabong zip-up cardigan/hoodie. I then had the brilliant idea to wear this beautiful jacket over it to make it look like I actually put thought into getting myself together. The result was what I think is fabulous for a laid back day of classes. I’m plenty warm with all my layers and I look pretty cool too (sorry – cocky – weird).

Hope everyone has a great day!



Jacket/Hoodie – Billabong; Leggings/Mint Colored Shirt – Gap; Scarf – Old Navy; Sunnies – F21; Boots – Anne Klein



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