Story Stones – Pinterest Find

Obviously instead of doing homework (for tomorrow’s classes – weird), I’m scrolling around pinterest. I just came across this pin about story stones and I LOVE IT. Basically what I’m getting from the picture alone, you put a bunch of painted stones in a baggy that are similar to one another so that a student can take them out, order them, and make up a story to go along with the stones. Not only is this such a fantastic way for students to show their creativity, it’s also a great way for teachers to informally assess a student’s ability to link thoughts together and check for vocabulary/sentence development. Also, it’s such an easy DIY! I painted rocks multiple times over the summer while babysitting different kids. If you can’t find flat rocks outside, you can buy stones at a craft store for relatively cheap. Plus, AC Moore always has paints on sale or a 50% an item coupon that you can print online. I will DEFINITELY keep this in mind during student teaching next fall, and even for my reading endorsement courses next semester. I’m sure I’ll be able to incorporate it somehow very soon!



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