Staying Healthy

I got the worst stomach virus this weekend. Absolutely awful. It’s a little over 24 hours later and I’m still feeling under the weather. At first I wasn’t sure if it was food poisoning or a virus, but once I began running a fever and feeling extremely achy, I knew I had caught a stomach bug from the babies at work. Working in a day care is a prime location for catching something. Same goes for all you teachers! I thought I’d take some time to remind everyone to take precautions this time of year to avoid getting sick.. especially around the holiday’s!

  • stay hydrated! drink plenty of water
  • if you’re already sick, drink juice and/or gatorade
  • constantly wash your hands
  • keep hand sanitizer in your bag, car, at your desk, etc.
  • get plenty of SLEEP
  • call out of work/skip class if you’re having any symptoms or running a fever



Stay healthy!!



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