Kindness Tree

Yesterday when I walked into work (I work at an infant-K day care center) my boss was setting up a Christmas tree and putting up a bulletin board about kindness. I asked her what the kindness board was for (ie. this months theme, a project, etc.) and she told me that as a school we are creating a kindness tree. The Christmas tree is set up with lights on it, but no ornaments. All the teachers were given little stars and hearts to write down random acts of kindness that students portray throughout the day. If a child does a random act of kindness, their name, the date, and the act are written on a heart or a star. Then, the hearts and stars are hung on the Christmas tree as the ornaments, making it a kindness tree. I think this is such an awesome idea. Not only does it teach how to be kind and help others, it also allows the students to feel confident about their actions when they see their names on the tree!



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