Simple Snowmen

Yesterday at work I had four toddlers in my class, with one that would rather climb all over the furniture and make a mess than sit and do circle time (I love this child though, don’t get me wrong!). I had to do something to keep them productive and in a good mood. I noticed that the teacher had plenty of holiday themed artwork up, but no snowmen! I had the kids use dot paints to paint a piece of white paper. After, I cut each paper out into the three circles, put them together in a snowman shape, and added a hat, eyes, nose, and mouth. With older kids, you could have them do that part, but my kids are only 1 1/2 and had lost interest by then! They did however, become very interested once their art turned into a snowman and watched diligently as I hung them up. The snowmen came out so cute!! Such a simple craft that you can do at any time of day with any age group.



Happy crafting!!



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