Lots of Jewelry, Lots of Clothes

I only had one class today and it wasn’t until 4:45. I felt obligated to wear something put together just because it was the first time I was getting dressed all day. Also because I get dressed for every class – the only time I wear sweats is when I wear those super cool patterned/quilted skinny sweats from urban. I just have so many things in my closet.. I feel guilty if I don’t wear them!!

Anyway, it didn’t feel super cold (even though really it was still only 21 degrees) so I wore my favorite ripped jeggings from American Eagle. Paired with a long sleeve cropped peplum, a cozy sweater courtesy of Grandma Roz’s closet, booties and tons of jewelry – I had the perfect layered look. Lots of clothes and lots of jewelry. Just the way I like it. (Don’t worry, I wore a jacket/scarf/beanie also!)

What are you go-to layered looks for the cold weather?



Jeans/Necklace – American Eagle; Top – Free People; Sweater – Chico’s via Grandma; Booties – Forever 21

Notice the one bracelet on the left in the third pic down from the top – it’s actually a BANANA! My good friend Taylor studied abroad in Costa Rica last semester and brought me back this bracelet. She said that a woman and her husband made these bracelets out of different fruits.. how cool? I love it so much and it has an awesome story for when anyone compliments or notices it.

Happy end of the week everyone!!


Recycled Hearts

I’m posting from my iPad so I can’t link this back to Pinterest right now because it simply won’t work. Therefore, if this is your pin and I stole it I am sorry! I’ll link ya later.

Anyway, I’m ready to just die in class so I’ve been perusing Pinterest to pass the time. I stumbled upon this too cute and super simple valentine’s day craft!!

Literally all you do is shape an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll into a heart, dip it into some paint, and stamp it on some paper.

I have visions of these hearts being stamped on white paper and then framed as artwork for mom (or dad)! Or stamping a large piece of paper and using it as wrapping paper for your v-day gifts. I think I might just do that!!


Happy crafting!!

Snowy Saturday

I spent my Saturday night in an oversized sweater and VS sweatpants from the 9th grade, eating Chinese food on the floor, while watching Modern Family with Greg. It was just what I needed.

He also got a new canon rebel recently (which makes me super happy since that kind of means that I got a new canon rebel also), which he used to snap a few pics of me (of course).



I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


Happy in Free People

Snagged this voile and lace trapeze slip on sale at Piperlime for $38!! As you could imagine I was more excited than I probably should have been. This FP slip dress retails for $88 so it was definitely a steal. I’ve been eyeing it in white for years due to it’s versatility for layering, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay full price (college budget ya know?). The one I purchased is army green which is a-okay with me. Plus, piperlime has 3 day shipping! Can’t wait to wear it!



Image via Free People

Valentine’s Day Crafts!!

I love Valentine’s Day! It’s not even about having a significant other – I’ve just always liked making valentine’s for my friends and family. I think it’s so important to spread love to all those who are close to you. Gosh, I just love love. I know, I’m so lame.

Here are a few v-day crafts I found on Pinterest. Follow me here!


Paper hanging hearts 


Cork love bugs!!



V-day sun catchers

Happy pinning.. and crafting! 

Second Semester of Senior Year!

This past week I started my second semester of senior year. Technically it’s my last, except I’m student teaching in the fall so it’s not exaccctly. I only went to one class last week because of all the snow we got in South Jersey (no complaints here). I’m not taking any early childhood class this semester, but I will be taking two classes to complete a reading endorsement. I’m also taking two seminar classes that each require a 30 page research paper (yikes!) and a non-lab science. At this point, I’m just praying I make it to May to walk in graduation. I’m nervous for all the work that is ahead of me but I’m also super excited to be completing my final classes before student teaching. It’s all getting so real! I hope to share a lot of ideas and lesson inspiration for teaching reading to young learners.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their school year!