January is a great time to introduce a new unit on penguins! Most penguins are native to brutally cold environments, making the cold January the perfect time to get to know these cute little animals. A unit on penguins can span over every subject in a variety of ways! Thanks to pinterest, I’ve collected my favorite activities that can be used in a penguin unit.

1. How tall are you compared to an emperor penguin? Found here. This activity is great for getting students involved – hands on – in a fun way. Not only will they gain knowledge by learning about emperor penguins and their height, but they will also be able to use their math skills to compare and contrast their height as well as work with a measuring tape. Students can work with a partner to measure one another, which promotes socialization and sharing as well! This activity could easily be made into a bulletin board to display the students discoveries.


2. Literacy Center ft. Penguins, Found here. When I clicked on this pin it took me to teacherspayteachers, so this activity sheet would cost a little bit of money. However you could easily(!!!) make this on your own via a word document or by hand, with various different sentences. (For example: “The penguin is black and white.” “The emperor penguin is very tall.”) Students can sequence the cards into a proper sentence, practice their reading and sight word recognition, and then copy the sentences into a notebook or simply on a piece of paper.


3. As always, there has to be a craft involved!! These two penguin craft projects are so cute you couldn’t pass them up even if you tried. Find them here and here. I love the handprint penguin because it makes the craft so personal! What parent wouldn’t want to have this little guy as a keepsake? Imagine how those hands will grow! The paper roll penguin is great because students can then incorporate their penguins into a center activity such as an interactive penguin village!! I can picture it now. Plus, we all use plenty of toilet paper that saving rolls wouldn’t be a problem! Ask the other teachers to help out also!



4. Last but not least, I must include a few books that can be incorporated into a penguin unit. I just love children’s books (and reading in general!). Here are some books via amazon that you could snag on the cheap or find in the library!

If You Were a Penguin by Florence Minor – $14.15 for Hardcover on Amazon


The Emperor’s Egg by Martin Jenkins – $6.29 for Paperback on Amazon


Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester – $6.29 for Paperback or Board book on Amazon


*There are also a number activities that correspond with the Tacky the Penguin book! Google it!

Happy planning!! and follow me on Pinterest (click here)


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