Classroom Makeover

Unless you live under a rock you’ve probably read about 3.4 million buzzfeed articles in the last few months. They’re everywhere. They’re annoying. They’re entertaining. They’re addicting. BUT, they can also sometimes actually be useful.. who knew. I was on Pinterest yesterday and came across this pin “30 Epic Examples of Inspirational Classroom Decor” and the pin linked to a buzzfeed article. It’s awesome. A lot of them aren’t realistic in a public school classroom and are definitely more suited for home school or maybe a private day care, but there is plenty of inspiration for all teachers.

One of my personal favorites is this classroom:



I love that it’s pretty much a standard classroom with just a few easy upgrades. You could DIY a lot of the ceiling decorations. It’s all very simple but also bright and fun.

I totally recommend checking out the article by either clicking the picture above or here

I know that when I have my first classroom I’m not going to be able to stop myself from putting my own personal touches around the room. The jungle themed room from the article is a super fun idea for a themed unit!!

Happy decorating!



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