Walk Walk Walk

It’s so sunny and warm today in the boro which is such a treat from the 10 degree temperatures we were experiencing not to long along. Not to mention, it’s been raining on an off for awhile also. I took advantage of today’s weather and went for a walk! I lost 10 pounds last semester (my boyfriend made me fat – never get THAT comfortable with someone! – sorry Greg) and my main workout was walking at least 5 days a week for 30-40 minutes. For me, it’s super relaxing to just listen to music or chat with a friend while walking through the tree lined streets and breathing in the fresh air. The time speeds by and it’s a great way to get cardio in without putting stress on your knees on a treadmill. I also have asthma, so walking is a great alternative to running.

It’s about 45 degrees outside, but the sun is strong so it feels a bit warmer. I layered a long sleeve shirt underneath a pullover to keep me warm. I topped off the look with my Nike capris, sneakers, and a Rowan hat!


Striped Pullover – Forever 21; Pink Long-Sleeve – Gap; Capris – Nike; Sneakers – Nike (via DSW); Hat – Rowan!


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