Presidents Day Ideas

Presidents day is coming up in February and I’ve seen quite a few fun ideas on (what else) Pinterest. From photobooths to writing prompts, there are plenty of ways to teach young students about presidents past and present.


Presidents day photobooth! I absolutely love this idea – it’s so cute! Students can take turns getting their picture taken and then once their picture is printed they can attach it to their writing prompt! Hang on a bulletin board or in the hallway and you’re all set!


If I were president writing prompt. This is a great way to get students to think creatively. I’m sure the younger kids will come up with quite the responses! You can make this yourself and change the prompt to “how to be a good president” or “what it means to be president” – whatever you want. If you click on the pin it links to a website that has plenty more ideas for a presidents day mini unit, so check it out!


Presidents day mini book. I love mini booklets because the students get to color and sometimes write their own responses inside of the book – then bring it home and share with their parents! It gives them a little something that sums up what they’ve been learning in a unit. It’s a great way to wrap up a unit or even a lesson. After students are done coloring/cutting/writing/putting their book together, they can read it to a partner as a review. Great activity!


Penny spill game. I think math games are a great way to get even those who hate math involved in a lesson. Money can be tricky but a simple penny game will encompass all learning levels! You can change the coin based on grade level and add a challenge of certain addition or subtraction problems as a bonus.

Also – I did not see this on Pinterest, nor do I have an image to show, but I love the idea of a puppet show! If you are crafty you can create your own GW and Abe Lincoln puppets as well as a small puppet stage from a box and have students work in pairs or groups to create their own puppet show! Such a great way to spark the imagination!

Check out my Pinterest board “teacher things” to see other Presidents day ideas and more!


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