The real agenda behind Christie’s extended school day and school year proposal

Great article about Christie and incredibly accurate! A must read for all current and future teachers.


Just one day after he vetoed a bill that would create a task force to study the implications of mandating full-day kindergarten across the state, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is facing intense criticism for the George Washington Bridge lane-closure scandal and a federal investigation into his use of Hurricane Sandy relief funds, used his State of the State address to convey a message he’s been promoting for years: that New Jersey’s public school system is failing and in need of drastic, sweeping reforms—in this case, an extended school day and an extended school year.

Though debates over the length of the school day and year are not new, proponents of education reform, like Christie, push the idea as part a political, social, and financial agenda—one that has little to do with student achievement and more to do with weakening teachers’ unions and facilitating charter proliferation in the…

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