Lots of Jewelry, Lots of Clothes

I only had one class today and it wasn’t until 4:45. I felt obligated to wear something put together just because it was the first time I was getting dressed all day. Also because I get dressed for every class – the only time I wear sweats is when I wear those super cool patterned/quilted skinny sweats from urban. I just have so many things in my closet.. I feel guilty if I don’t wear them!!

Anyway, it didn’t feel super cold (even though really it was still only 21 degrees) so I wore my favorite ripped jeggings from American Eagle. Paired with a long sleeve cropped peplum, a cozy sweater courtesy of Grandma Roz’s closet, booties and tons of jewelry – I had the perfect layered look. Lots of clothes and lots of jewelry. Just the way I like it. (Don’t worry, I wore a jacket/scarf/beanie also!)

What are you go-to layered looks for the cold weather?



Jeans/Necklace – American Eagle; Top – Free People; Sweater – Chico’s via Grandma; Booties – Forever 21

Notice the one bracelet on the left in the third pic down from the top – it’s actually a BANANA! My good friend Taylor studied abroad in Costa Rica last semester and brought me back this bracelet. She said that a woman and her husband made these bracelets out of different fruits.. how cool? I love it so much and it has an awesome story for when anyone compliments or notices it.

Happy end of the week everyone!!



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