To This Day Project

I came across this video on Facebook just a little while ago. A friend had posted it on their wall and I took the time to watch. The video is by a guy named Shane Koyczan. The entire video is about bullying but it’s done in a way that I have never seen before. The words are spoken like a freestyle poem, with animations to go along with it. It’s both beautiful and moving. The words are so powerful that I literally had tears in my eyes. As a future teacher (and just a young person in the big bullying generation), it’s so important to be aware of the difference between “kids being kids” and true bullying. It truly is detrimental to our youth. There is never a reason to make someone feel like they aren’t worth anybody’s time. Everyone deserves a friend, a voice, and a place in this world. It’s important to stand up for bullying. It’s important for kids to feel like there are bigger things in this world than stupid kids in school.

Take some time and watch this video.. I swear it will make you want to make a difference.



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