Story Retelling



Story retelling is used after a student or group of students has already read a story and then retells, or simply summarizes the story in their own words.

The first step to this activity is reading the book: The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. This book can be done as a read aloud right before the activity, or have been read in the days prior to doing this activity. 

Start with a big ball of yarn. The first student will hold the ball of yarn in their hand, and begin with the first sentence of their story summary. That student will then toss the ball of yarn to the next student, who will then say the next sentence of the story. This will continue until the class has summarized what they have read. At the end, the students will have worked together to retell the story of The Very Busy Spider, as well as creating their own spider web!

If there are too many students in a classroom, this can be done in smaller groups to create multiple webs and to give students the opportunity to add more than one sentence to the retelling.

Happy Planning!


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