Moto Obsessed

If only it were 15 degrees warmer today. I love this look with my new AE moto cropped pants that are already my favorite piece of my spring wardrobe – I wish they came in more colors! Paired with a casual white T and slip on sneaks, it’s the perfect casual/cool. Throw on a moto-inspired jacket to complete the look. Don’t you love the hint of cheetah print when the sleeves are rolled up on this jacket?



Pants – American Eagle; Tshirt – Gap; Sneakers – Topshop via Nordstrom; Jacket – Express; Sunnies – F21


New In: Spring Break Edition

Last week was spring break and unlike what seems like everyone on my FB newsfeed, I did not go to Cancun or Punta Cana or Florida or WHATEVER. I went home for a few days then came back to school to work and apartment hunt with my momma. That being said, my spring break wasn’t a total bust. I spent plenty of money (my own, my moms…) on some new items to add to my already overflowing wardrobe. A new bag was essential, as were cropped moto-style pants, and pretty little bralettes. The rest was just for fun (I even left some things out of this post – sunglasses, earrings, a few shirts.. ugh).



From the top: cropped, laced-up, pullover – Nordstrom BP; moto-inspired cropped pants – American Eagle;

striped bralettes – Forever 21; black bralette – Gap Body; studded crossbody bag – Francesca’s; both statement necklaces – Forever 21


For one of my classes, I am required to read a few upper elementary/lower middle-school level chapter books and develop my own response paper that includes before/during/after activities in order to implement the book in the classroom. This weeks response (the first of three) is on the book The Roar by Emma Clayton. I had come up with a few ideas for a during and after activity, but was struggling to think of something for a before activity. This is definitely because I am an ECED major, not elementary, or even middle school for that matter. My mind is constantly in P-3 mode, never ever higher. So I did what anyone would do and asked Google. I found a great website that I wanted to share with you all that provides 103 things to do before/during/after reading a book! I love almost all of them and I will be sure to incorporate them into my assignments, with my own twist of course! The internet is a beautiful thing.

Click to visit the Reading Rockets website!



Happy planning!!