Matching Colors With Caterpillars

Happy first day of spring everyone!

Yesterday I worked in the preschool classroom at my daycare center. The lead teacher told me that I needed to come up with an activity for the kids to do in the afternoon. She said the theme this week was matching colors and that I could incorporate a spring element as well. I came up with a color matching caterpillar activity which was a total hit – the kids LOVED it!

You will need: copies of a blank caterpillar picture (I drew mine freehand and then made 20 copies for the amount of students in my class), at least five different colors of construction paper to cut into circles, crayons, and glue.

Here’s what I did: First I drew a caterpillar freehand on a piece of copy paper and simply made copies for the amount of children in the class. Next, with a little helper that was up early from nap, I used crayons to shade in the different parts of the caterpillar with various colors. Then, using construction paper I cut out circles of the same colors. These circles will be used to match up the the parts of the caterpillar.

I had the children first trace their names on the bottom of the paper. Then they were to match the colored construction paper circles to the correct area on the caterpillar. If they perfectly matched all the colors, they were then allowed to glue their pieces onto the caterpillar. I had conversation with the kids as they were completing the activity. So many of them were excited when they matched their pieces up perfectly, saying things like “Look! I did it! I matched them all!” A lot of the kids also took this opportunity to talk about their favorite colors. It was a really great way to incorporate developmental milestones, curriculum, and creativity all in one.

*I worked with 3 children at a time as a small group activity





Happy learning!!


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