For one of my classes, I am required to read a few upper elementary/lower middle-school level chapter books and develop my own response paper that includes before/during/after activities in order to implement the book in the classroom. This weeks response (the first of three) is on the book The Roar by Emma Clayton. I had come up with a few ideas for a during and after activity, but was struggling to think of something for a before activity. This is definitely because I am an ECED major, not elementary, or even middle school for that matter. My mind is constantly in P-3 mode, never ever higher. So I did what anyone would do and asked Google. I found a great website that I wanted to share with you all that provides 103 things to do before/during/after reading a book! I love almost all of them and I will be sure to incorporate them into my assignments, with my own twist of course! The internet is a beautiful thing.

Click to visit the Reading Rockets website!



Happy planning!!



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