I’m Having a Moment

Well many moments, actually. I’m having a slip-on moment. A gold moment. And now I am continuing my ever growing jacket moment. I just want more jackets.. is that too much to ask? I’ve been on a mission for a wallet-friendly, light, spring jacket. Mainly a parka or a utility jacket, if we’re being specific. I couldn’t find the right jacket anywhere and I’ve been pretty salty about it until today. I just happened to be on Forever21.com – because why would I actually be writing my research paper – and they were having BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ON ALL SALE. Yes. I know. Usually I don’t give the F21 sale section any time of day just because the clothes are so affordable to begin with. However, the heaven’s above persuaded me to take a peek and I am so very grateful that they did. So, for a whopping $29 I got these TWO jackets:


Now, go on! Forget that research paper/lesson plan/whatever and shop!



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