My apologies for the lack of posts the last month.. It’s been such a whirlwind lately. On top of completing seminar papers and projects, I was preparing for graduation, working, and trying to take in the last few weeks of college in the best way possible.

Although I only “fake” graduated (I’ll be student teaching in the Fall), I am still feeling the same emotions as my roommates and friends. How did four years go by so quickly? How do we move on from here? It’s incredible how many memories we’ve all made in such a short time. I especially am thankful for how this year ended. I literally couldn’t be happier that I am in a place where I feel myself again, surrounded only by those who make me feel my best.

We’re all moving on to a new chapter of our lives, one where we no longer get to live together and share experiences with one another each day. However, I’m fully confident in the fact that we all have such a desire to remain in each other’s lives. I truly believe that this next chapter will be our best one yet. I’m so proud of my friends and their accomplishments. We’re all on our way to doing big, big things.

I wish the entire class of 2014 the best of luck!! We did it!







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