Off The Cuff

No more than an hour ago, I got a knock on my door and a very nice UPS man handed over a very large package from Nordstrom. Inside this magical box was a pair of the most beautiful sandals I’ve laid eyes (and feet) on in quite some time. I am dying. Inside and out. They are fabulous visually and feel great on. The true test will be when I spend a day in them (this weekend, of course). I am confident that they will be super comfy based on their thick, padded footbeds and sneaker-like soles. Just take a look so you can feel the feelings that have overcome me. You’re welcome.



Sandals – “Off The Cuff” Gladiator by BC Footwear, bought via Nordstrom (click here to shop them!)

Pillow Talk

A little over a week ago I moved into a new apartment! It’s super exciting and super nerve-wracking all at the same time. My favorite part though has been decorating – especially my room. College was the first time that I ever had my own room, and this is the first time that I have my own room that isn’t the size of a box. It’s huge! I have so much space and a big window and plenty of closet space. I promise I’ll post pictures of the whole place – it’s pretty much complete. For now, I had to share with you my bed. My amazing amazing bed. My priority while buying apartment decor was to buy a million throw pillows. I LOVE THROW PILLOWS. Thanks to Pier 1, Target, and Joss & Main – my dreams have become a reality. I literally have the most perfect bed. I thrifted the bed frame and it’s a beautiful dark wood – headboard and footboard – exactly what I had hoped for. My absolute favorite pillow is the big fluffy white one in the back – it’s so big and so soft and so perfect. Aesthetically, however, my favorite is the eye pillow right up front. I seriously just die every time I look at it. Obsessed. Take a look:



Sheets – Target (Threshold); Comforter – Target (RE); Grey side pillows, tie-dye pillow – Target

Giant white fluff pillow and blue/white mandala pillow – Pier 1; Multi-colored embroidered pillow – BigLots; Eye pillow – Joss&Main

Y is for Yak

I was working in the Preschool class a few weeks back and my friend and teacher, Ange, did this absolutely hilarious and amazing project with the kids that I literally can not stop looking at. The letter of the week was Y, so one of the books that the students read was “The Yack Who Yelled Yuck.” The letter y was prominent throughout, highlighting y-words that the students had already made a list of in the days prior. After reading the book and going over the words, it was time for a yak-themed craft. I don’t know how Ange thought of this but let me tell you – I am SO happy she did. First, the kids used crayons to draw the background for the yak – preferably a yard (you know, since it starts with y). After, one hand was painted with brown paint and pressed down twice onto their paper. After the handprints were dry, I pasted the yak face onto the body. The students can do that step themselves, however we did this during afternoon circle and many students got picked up before they could have had the opportunity to do so. Frankly, I think this is the funniest/best project I’ve seen in quite some time. Check out the super fun pics below:



Happy crafting – and learning!