Y is for Yak

I was working in the Preschool class a few weeks back and my friend and teacher, Ange, did this absolutely hilarious and amazing project with the kids that I literally can not stop looking at. The letter of the week was Y, so one of the books that the students read was “The Yack Who Yelled Yuck.” The letter y was prominent throughout, highlighting y-words that the students had already made a list of in the days prior. After reading the book and going over the words, it was time for a yak-themed craft. I don’t know how Ange thought of this but let me tell you – I am SO happy she did. First, the kids used crayons to draw the background for the yak – preferably a yard (you know, since it starts with y). After, one hand was painted with brown paint and pressed down twice onto their paper. After the handprints were dry, I pasted the yak face onto the body. The students can do that step themselves, however we did this during afternoon circle and many students got picked up before they could have had the opportunity to do so. Frankly, I think this is the funniest/best project I’ve seen in quite some time. Check out the super fun pics below:



Happy crafting – and learning!



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