Who’s Who in B7?

September is coming to an end and I’ve realized the lack of posting that I’ve done. So, here’s a look back at our September bulletin board! I can’t take much credit – my cooperating teacher came up with the idea and helped me to execute it. I truly just drew a model and put it up!

Anyway, we had each of the students draw their self-portrait. We helped them with drawing their heads in order to ensure that we didn’t end up with 17 pictures of little tiny people. After that – they were all on their own. We made sure that none of the students wrote their names on their picture. Once they were finished, I put a number in the bottom right hand corner before stapling the pictures to the bulletin board. On Back to School Night, parents were asked to write down the number of the portrait they believed was their student. If they were right, they received a huge winner sticker the next day!

It was cute to see how the students believed they looked and how they added certain details that really did make these portraits look like them! Also a great icebreaker activity for the parents. On pinterest, I saw it where the portraits were cut out and taped to the chair of the desks to show where each student sat and parents had to guess where to sit based on finding their child’s portrait – also a super cool idea!


Hope everyone’s first month of school has gone smoothly and that you’re all excited for October!

Back To School

Today is not only my birthday (I’m totally not feeling 22, btw), but it’s also back to school! School is starting in a whole new way for me this year. Instead of going to classes and getting a syllabus and then shuffling back home to hang out with my roommates, I’m headed off to a professional development day to prepare for students to start Thursday, and then coming home to my own apartment. This summer went by entirely too quickly, and so much has changed this September compared to last. I can not believe I’m student teaching!! I’m nervous, anxious, and definitely excited. I know this is going to be a wonderful experience – even if it’ll leave me stuck on the couch all weekend writing lesson plans and completing assignments. I’m eager to really get started and I’m more than happy to be back on a normal schedule. Let’s hope these four months go by smoothly and quickly, so that I can be one step closer to having my very own classroom!


Good luck to all the teachers out there! Here’s to a great school year!