Caught In The Web Of..

Second grade!

This week I put up my October bulletin board and it came out GREAT! I’m so excited about how it turned out. The only thing that could have made it better would be a black sparkly border. Next time! I came up with this idea through various different pins on pinterest. I saw an idea where the student’s faces were put on styrofoam balls and they created themselves as a stand alone spider. The result was hilarious and I had to find a way to adapt it for a bulletin board.

I had the students make funny faces and had them printed. As you can see there are a few really big heads and a few really small – that was due to not knowing how large I needed their heads to be! It ended up working out though, I like the variety in sizes. For bigger heads, just take their pictures close up (obviously). Next, I had them use pipe cleaners to create the body of the spider. Three for the legs and one wrapped around the center for the body. I showed them how to bend the legs and how to curl them using your finger. When they were done making the legs as crazy as they wanted, I helped tape their cut-out heads onto the pipe cleaner body.

I used black bulletin board paper as the background. Then I stapled spider webbing al over the board (Disclaimer – it took A LOT of staples!). I then put up the black boarder and began to staple up the spiders. I placed the staples at the end of the legs so that they really popped out, kind of like 3D!



I’ve gotten so many compliments since I put it up – everyone seems to love it! Their little faces are so funny and it makes for a fun, silly, and (a little bit) spooky halloween fun!

Happy October!


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