Rain clouds

As part of my unit plan I had to implement during student teaching, I chose to do an experiment with my students as an extension of a chapter on seasons and climate. My students LOVE science. They get so excited to explore, observe, and experiment. It’s really awesome to see them so engaged.

I had my students do this rain cloud simulation experiment. Before we started, we discussed briefly how the cycle of precipitation occurs. After, students were able to come up with their own hypothesis. After observing the rain cloud simulation, they drew a picture and wrote a few sentences on why their hypothesis was correct or incorrect. They did great!

This is how the experiment works: fill a clear glass or container with water. Add shaving cream to the top, covering the surface with a not-to-thick layer. Then, using food coloring (any color is fine – I prefer blue because students) squeeze enough drops that it covers a lot of the shaving cream. Wait a minute and watch for the food coloring to fall into the water. Voila! There’s your cloud, filled to the max with water, and then raining! Super cool and easy to do.



Happy experimenting!!


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