Me? A Career?

Guys. It’s getting so close (yet so far). I got offered a job on my last day of student teaching, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting my teaching certification since then. But, soon enough I’ll be starting my CAREER as a teacher! I’m so excited but also kind of nervous, because now I won’t have anyone to fall back on. It’s just me and these little ones and their education is completely in my hands. Insane. Am I qualified? Well, of course I am – I have the degree and the A+ in student teaching to prove it, but it’s still all so surreal. I am so overwhelmed – in a good way. My first real class. Can you believe it? I can’t wait to start updating you all on the amazing things my students and I get to do together. It’s such a dream come true. This is the journey I’ve been waiting for. I’m beyond grateful. I’m meeting my little ones tomorrow – fingers crossed they love me as much as I know I’ll love them.

Second grade, here. I. come.


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