Class Tour!!






Happy Friday!! Here’s a look at my classroom now that I’ve had the chance to rearrange the desks and start getting it set up the way that I would like it. What do you think? I was super into the idea of having the rug at the front of the classroom, instead of in the back, dark corner it was hiding in. I’m really into whole group instruction on the carpet and read alouds. Mostly because it gets the kids up out of their seats and gives them the opportunity to learn in a different way. So, when my best best teacher friend came up with this desk arrangement I was all for it. I have 17 students and 28 desks, so I needed the setup to be efficient group work and space. With the empty desks lining the inside of the U, students can sit and play math games, do partner work, group work, etc. quickly and easily without moving any furniture. I also condensed my high frequency word wall on the cabinets into the two panels, rather than the entire wall of cabinets, making room for a math focused area of the classroom as well. All that’s left is to update my bulletin boards and get a nice, bright tape to make my objectives on the whiteboard stand out.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!!


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