Live in the Meow

No better way to start up my style posts again than with this look. Love this graphic sweatshirt from Forever 21! I paired it with a red satin skirt for the first day of Red Ribbon Week. Opaque black tights, pointed toe booties, and my new Memebers Only vegan leather jacket topped of the look!

 Sweatshirt/skirt/boots: Forever 21, Jacket: Members Only via Urban Outfitters, Sunnies: American Eagle

Spring Story

With the sun staying out later and the temperatures slowly rising, I’m itching for spring. Transitioning with shorter hemlines, tights, and dark florals is the perfect way to ditch the sweaters and corduroys but still keep those legs covered for chilly mornings.

This sweatshirt-esque top is from Gap. I have it in gray also because it’s perfect in every way. If you can snag it on sale still I am telling you it’ll be the best decision you ever make.



Top – Gap, Skirt – Marshall’s, Boots – Unisa via DSW

Last Week In C32

I implemented this cool timer I saw on Pinterest for certain assignments to show how much time remains, rather than saying it over. And over. And over.   

We’re finally grasping the concept of counting coins!  

The students love this funny writing prompt booklet in the writing center!  

And of course we continue to observe our mealworms. They all love science!


Healthful Foods

I can’t seem to find my health masters book anywhere, so in a quick attempt to come up with an activity to accompany today’s health lesson, I did this! I split the class into groups of 3 and each group was assigned a food group from MyPyramid. Each student drew a picture to represent their assigned food group. I used their pictures as a display on our cabinets since they’re still covered with leftover masking tape that just won’t come off. These drawings look much better!

Class Tour!!






Happy Friday!! Here’s a look at my classroom now that I’ve had the chance to rearrange the desks and start getting it set up the way that I would like it. What do you think? I was super into the idea of having the rug at the front of the classroom, instead of in the back, dark corner it was hiding in. I’m really into whole group instruction on the carpet and read alouds. Mostly because it gets the kids up out of their seats and gives them the opportunity to learn in a different way. So, when my best best teacher friend came up with this desk arrangement I was all for it. I have 17 students and 28 desks, so I needed the setup to be efficient group work and space. With the empty desks lining the inside of the U, students can sit and play math games, do partner work, group work, etc. quickly and easily without moving any furniture. I also condensed my high frequency word wall on the cabinets into the two panels, rather than the entire wall of cabinets, making room for a math focused area of the classroom as well. All that’s left is to update my bulletin boards and get a nice, bright tape to make my objectives on the whiteboard stand out.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!!


Happy 2015!! How was everyone’s NYE? I spent the night back at school with my best friends, which is always a good time. I set up a backdrop for photos, which in my mind looked much better, but I’m still pretty satisfied with how it turned out. I mean, it’s on the staircase of a college house basement. It worked for what I wanted though – just a little New Year’s flare. I wore head-to-toe Forever 21, keeping it pretty casual in a plain black shift dress, booties, and a silver statement necklace for a little extra oomph. Those booties also proved to not be as comfortable as I thought when I wore them out a previous night, probably because they’re still brand new and I was wearing them for hours – and walking around town. Yikes. Needless to say I was plenty happy to be taking them off at the end of the night.

Anyway, I’m feeling some seriously good vibes about 2015 and I hope you all are too. Here’s to a new year of fun, fashion, and TEACHING!