September Prep

Today we got a surprise half day because of the heat – well, the students did. What I got was two extra hours to get things ready for the end of the year and luckily next school year also! I created two bulletin boards for September. One for classroom rules that I plan on keeping up all year and one to jumpstart the school year. Check them out!! 


Little Hands Make Little Flags

On Friday I decided last minute that I would do a Memorial Day craft with my older toddlers. I didn’t have anything planned because I never know what group I’ll be working with each day. I did a quick google search and I saw a picture of little hands painted as american flags, and had the idea to do something similar. Using red, white, and blue paint, I painted their hands to look like our country’s flag. After they were dry, I cut them out and attached them to popsicle sticks to make them into their own little flags! Super easy and cute on the whim. It’s a nice gift for parents als0 – they’ll always remember their little one’s tiny hands. 20140525-192019-69619470.jpg20140525-192019-69619785.jpg20140525-192020-69620119.jpg

Happy Earth Day!

Sorry for the lack of posts – I’ve been super busy finishing up my seminar papers and tons of other assignments. It’s that time of the semester! As I type this I should be finishing my final draft or taking notes on a book for another class – whatever. It’s Earth Day! Today is a great day to get outside with your students and explore what our beautiful planet has to offer. Going on a nature walk is a great way to get outside and get involved with nature. Have students do a scavenger hunt – finding trees, certain plants or flowers, sticks, rocks, butterflies, etc. Do anything you can to get outside and breathe in the fresh air and enjoy our Earth.

The Lorax is a great book to read today during circle time!Image


Earth Day fun does not have to end at the end of today – it can extend into an entire Earth Week!

Here are some crafts I found via Pinterest – Click the image to link to the Pin




Little Leprechaun Hands

The preschoolers at my school I work at made this absolutely adorable St. Patrick’s Day craft this past week. Their afternoon teacher, Amanda, painted their little hands to create the most perfect little leprechaun! I seriously died when I saw the finished product on Friday. Such an easy and fun holiday craft that parents will love.



Happy crafting!!


Love Bugs

One of the teachers that I work with at the day care started the cutest valentine’s day project with the kids this afternoon. These love bugs are adorable and simple to make!

– red/pink (or purple) construction paper
– scissors
– glue
– googley eyes

Simply just cut a bunch of hearts out of the construction paper (about six hearts will be used for each love bug). Fold the hearts in half to create more texture and a 3-d aspect. Glue each heart together, add googley eyes, some legs if you want.. And you’re done!


How cute?
I take absolutely no credit for this idea.. It was all Kristin! Thanks for the idea!

Happy crafting!

Recycled Hearts

I’m posting from my iPad so I can’t link this back to Pinterest right now because it simply won’t work. Therefore, if this is your pin and I stole it I am sorry! I’ll link ya later.

Anyway, I’m ready to just die in class so I’ve been perusing Pinterest to pass the time. I stumbled upon this too cute and super simple valentine’s day craft!!

Literally all you do is shape an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll into a heart, dip it into some paint, and stamp it on some paper.

I have visions of these hearts being stamped on white paper and then framed as artwork for mom (or dad)! Or stamping a large piece of paper and using it as wrapping paper for your v-day gifts. I think I might just do that!!


Happy crafting!!

Valentine’s Day Crafts!!

I love Valentine’s Day! It’s not even about having a significant other – I’ve just always liked making valentine’s for my friends and family. I think it’s so important to spread love to all those who are close to you. Gosh, I just love love. I know, I’m so lame.

Here are a few v-day crafts I found on Pinterest. Follow me here!


Paper hanging hearts 


Cork love bugs!!



V-day sun catchers

Happy pinning.. and crafting!