A Color of His Own

After reading the story A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni, we discussed the message of the story – that it’s what you are inside that tells your true self and your identity, not what’s on the surface. From there, the students created their own chameleons placed on top of something that reflected their identity or personality. Here are a few of my favs (including my own – ha!):


Snack on Adjectives!! 

For our May hallway display I came up with an idea to incorporate a craft and something my students needed some major help with: adjectives. They were struggling to understand adjectives and identify them within a sentence, so we spent some time talking about what adjectives are and brainstorming adjectives to describe how a noun looks, feels, smells, tastes, and sounds. After, the students were given a food that they were responsible for not only putting together, but describing using the best possible adjectives. It came out great and truly helped the students get a better grasp on adjectives and how they’re used!


Earth Day w/ The Lorax

Take a look at the final result of our class bulletin board for Earth Day! After reading the story and writing about how we can help the earth, I took the students pictures and created this masterpiece of a bulletin board. All my little lorax’s are speaking for the trees and making a pledge to help our planet prosper. Our principal even took some of the students writings and read them over the loud speaker on Earth day. Such a treat! 


This Week in C32

This week we..

Measured “gardening tools”

And mustaches!

We brainstormed how we can help the Earth.

We read The Lorax..

I got a cupcake!

And started our Lorax bulletin board!

Happy Friday!

It’s All Coming Together..

I found some large, laminated pictures of coins in one of my classroom drawers on Friday! Super exciting because we’re starting a new math unit on Monday about money and time. Perfect! I quick put them up on my math wall and added a label with the name and value of each coin. The labels are laminated notecards, so I wrote on them with dry erase marker. Now I can reuse them for something else in the future!

I also finished my objectives area of my white board. I used blue painters tape to make my grid and I have a space to write the days objective for each content area. I laminated colored sentence strips for the subject labels.

Class Tour!!






Happy Friday!! Here’s a look at my classroom now that I’ve had the chance to rearrange the desks and start getting it set up the way that I would like it. What do you think? I was super into the idea of having the rug at the front of the classroom, instead of in the back, dark corner it was hiding in. I’m really into whole group instruction on the carpet and read alouds. Mostly because it gets the kids up out of their seats and gives them the opportunity to learn in a different way. So, when my best best teacher friend came up with this desk arrangement I was all for it. I have 17 students and 28 desks, so I needed the setup to be efficient group work and space. With the empty desks lining the inside of the U, students can sit and play math games, do partner work, group work, etc. quickly and easily without moving any furniture. I also condensed my high frequency word wall on the cabinets into the two panels, rather than the entire wall of cabinets, making room for a math focused area of the classroom as well. All that’s left is to update my bulletin boards and get a nice, bright tape to make my objectives on the whiteboard stand out.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!!