September Prep

Today we got a surprise half day because of the heat – well, the students did. What I got was two extra hours to get things ready for the end of the year and luckily next school year also! I created two bulletin boards for September. One for classroom rules that I plan on keeping up all year and one to jumpstart the school year. Check them out!! 


This Week in C32

This week we..

Measured “gardening tools”

And mustaches!

We brainstormed how we can help the Earth.

We read The Lorax..

I got a cupcake!

And started our Lorax bulletin board!

Happy Friday!

Watch Us Grow

PARCC testing is finally over! Although I don’t have to worry about all that in second grade, it was still killing my creative vibes since we couldn’t display anything in the hallways all month long. Thank goodness that’s done with (at least until May). 

For our spring hallway display, I had the kids turn themselves into a garden! They’re learning how to measure with inch rulers in math and they are all obsessed with measuring anything and everything they can get their hands on. It’s pretty awesome. So, I had them measure one another with the inch rulers they made themselves (with color tiles representing about one inch) and then they wrote down their height on a post it. After both partners had been measured, they can to see me and I confirmed (or challenged) their measurements with the yard stick. It was so much fun and really great to see them get so excited about this activity!! 

They then drew a self portrait to accompany their string bodies and we turned our display into a garden of growing second graders. We’ve gotten so many compliments!!

Check out our display below. Happy spring!



Healthful Foods

I can’t seem to find my health masters book anywhere, so in a quick attempt to come up with an activity to accompany today’s health lesson, I did this! I split the class into groups of 3 and each group was assigned a food group from MyPyramid. Each student drew a picture to represent their assigned food group. I used their pictures as a display on our cabinets since they’re still covered with leftover masking tape that just won’t come off. These drawings look much better!

Class Tour!!






Happy Friday!! Here’s a look at my classroom now that I’ve had the chance to rearrange the desks and start getting it set up the way that I would like it. What do you think? I was super into the idea of having the rug at the front of the classroom, instead of in the back, dark corner it was hiding in. I’m really into whole group instruction on the carpet and read alouds. Mostly because it gets the kids up out of their seats and gives them the opportunity to learn in a different way. So, when my best best teacher friend came up with this desk arrangement I was all for it. I have 17 students and 28 desks, so I needed the setup to be efficient group work and space. With the empty desks lining the inside of the U, students can sit and play math games, do partner work, group work, etc. quickly and easily without moving any furniture. I also condensed my high frequency word wall on the cabinets into the two panels, rather than the entire wall of cabinets, making room for a math focused area of the classroom as well. All that’s left is to update my bulletin boards and get a nice, bright tape to make my objectives on the whiteboard stand out.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!!

Classroom Rules

I think that it’s always important to establish a set of rules in your classroom at the beginning of the year and keep these rules visible at all times. There are two ways to establish rules: you can make them yourself and then review them with students or you can have students create their own rules for the classroom (which allows them to take responsibility for their learning – so important!). Your list can be long or short and to the point. Truly, you can choose any way that fits your teaching style.

For me, I’m coming into my class more than halfway through their academic year. There are no classroom rules posted in the classroom currently and there is a slight slip in the structure of the class due to their major transitions between teachers in the last few months. I need to establish expectations immediately and let my students know that I am serious – not only about teaching, but about their learning.

Therefore, I have chosen the rules for my classroom, created a poster, and it’s currently in a pile of things waiting to get laminated (I’ll post a picture of my poster, as well as the rest of my classroom transformation as it evolves!).

My rules are as follows:

In Our Class We…

  • always show respect
  • act responsibly
  • try our best
  • never give up
  • have FUN!

I wanted to create this list with language that is simple for all students to understand, as well as language that is inclusive of everyone, not directed to the students individually. As a class, we are a team. If one person does not follow the rules, then it reflects on all of us, not just that student. We, including myself, will follow these directions – and although we’re doing a lot of learning, we’re also going to have a ton of fun.

Me? A Career?

Guys. It’s getting so close (yet so far). I got offered a job on my last day of student teaching, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting my teaching certification since then. But, soon enough I’ll be starting my CAREER as a teacher! I’m so excited but also kind of nervous, because now I won’t have anyone to fall back on. It’s just me and these little ones and their education is completely in my hands. Insane. Am I qualified? Well, of course I am – I have the degree and the A+ in student teaching to prove it, but it’s still all so surreal. I am so overwhelmed – in a good way. My first real class. Can you believe it? I can’t wait to start updating you all on the amazing things my students and I get to do together. It’s such a dream come true. This is the journey I’ve been waiting for. I’m beyond grateful. I’m meeting my little ones tomorrow – fingers crossed they love me as much as I know I’ll love them.

Second grade, here. I. come.