A Color of His Own

After reading the story A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni, we discussed the message of the story – that it’s what you are inside that tells your true self and your identity, not what’s on the surface. From there, the students created their own chameleons placed on top of something that reflected their identity or personality. Here are a few of my favs (including my own – ha!):


Snack on Adjectives!! 

For our May hallway display I came up with an idea to incorporate a craft and something my students needed some major help with: adjectives. They were struggling to understand adjectives and identify them within a sentence, so we spent some time talking about what adjectives are and brainstorming adjectives to describe how a noun looks, feels, smells, tastes, and sounds. After, the students were given a food that they were responsible for not only putting together, but describing using the best possible adjectives. It came out great and truly helped the students get a better grasp on adjectives and how they’re used!


Earth Day w/ The Lorax

Take a look at the final result of our class bulletin board for Earth Day! After reading the story and writing about how we can help the earth, I took the students pictures and created this masterpiece of a bulletin board. All my little lorax’s are speaking for the trees and making a pledge to help our planet prosper. Our principal even took some of the students writings and read them over the loud speaker on Earth day. Such a treat! 


Back To School

Today is not only my birthday (I’m totally not feeling 22, btw), but it’s also back to school! School is starting in a whole new way for me this year. Instead of going to classes and getting a syllabus and then shuffling back home to hang out with my roommates, I’m headed off to a professional development day to prepare for students to start Thursday, and then coming home to my own apartment. This summer went by entirely too quickly, and so much has changed this September compared to last. I can not believe I’m student teaching!! I’m nervous, anxious, and definitely excited. I know this is going to be a wonderful experience – even if it’ll leave me stuck on the couch all weekend writing lesson plans and completing assignments. I’m eager to really get started and I’m more than happy to be back on a normal schedule. Let’s hope these four months go by smoothly and quickly, so that I can be one step closer to having my very own classroom!


Good luck to all the teachers out there! Here’s to a great school year!

I’m a tutor?

A week ago I started my summer class (called School Reading Problems) in which my main requirement is to tutor a student in reading! I’m super excited about this class – except for the fact that it’s an entire semester of work packed into five short weeks eeeeek! My student is awesome and super enthusiastic about reading, so tutoring has been somewhat easy in that sense. For confidentiality reasons I obviously can’t disclose anything about our sessions, but I wanted to share a few things with you! Check out the pictures below of some of the things we’ve been working on – and this super cute writing process chart I found on google (If it’s yours or you know who made it, let me know!)20140711-095002-35402190.jpg20140711-095003-35403359.jpg20140711-095003-35403851.jpg

This week I had my first moment that I realized that I’m actually qualified to tutor. My student’s reading rate increased dramatically over a four day time period and I seriously could have just died inside. I was so excited! I couldn’t believe that I was able to use a strategy and actually see results. This is truly my first experience legitimately teaching a student. Up until this point, I’ve simply taught a lesson here and there, but nothing to the point where I felt like I’ve really taught something or truly made a difference in a child’s learning ability. I’ll post soon about the different strategies I’ve been learning and how I feel like they’ve been working in my experience.

If there are any reading teachers out there that want to share some fun reading ideas, or any books/poems/texts on a late second grade reading level, please do!